"Here come da PAIN"!

30 Days of Pain... Make your own judgement regarding this band. See & hear for yourself!

30 Days of Pain are a band based out of Pittsburgh, PA. The first ideas started around 2008 but never getting out of the garage it was revisited in 2016 as a then "solo project" for Mr. Bashaw & transformed into a band in 2017 with the first line-up consisting of five veterans of the Pittsburgh scene, who just wanted have fun, tear it up, & make their mark on the ever growing music industry. Fast forward to late 2020, (*John,) Dan, Tom aka "Dr. Vent" , Ron, & Xander have come together under the musical direction of (*John Bashaw) to forge a NEW version of the band as “metal” as the steel city which they come from. 30 DoP version 2.0 if you will. 



Let's take a look at their first two singles released... First up, the song “Agony”, is a hard hitting anthem that takes a look at the violence prevalent in American society today. "Don't Say Goodbye" sees the love between two people that is lost but in the end rekindled into something beautiful & lasting.


   John Bashaw- Lead vocals                                      Dan Bozym Jr.- Bass & Vocals                                Xander Demos- Guitars & Vocals



Thomas "Dr. Vent" Venturio-                                                                                 Ron Newman-

 Drums, Percussion, & Engineer                                                                         Guitars & Vocals