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Out of the Asylum

The New album "Out of the Asylum" is a culmination of blood, sweat, & tears (literally). The material on it was written by singer/songwriter John Bashaw. The process began in November of 2016. Since then John has written a lot of material.

This music was therapeutic & NEEDED to be heard. Originally it was going to be a full-length "solo album" but upon not getting the mixes right & hitting a few other bumps in the road. The project was put on hold. Friends heard a few of the songs & mentioned that a band should be put behind this music. So, John began the hunt for musicians. There have been several incarnations of the band.


As of 2020, the line-up is (John, Xander, Ron, Dan, & "Vent". )

The idea behind 30 DoP began back in 2008. Never getting out of the garage it was revisited several times but nothing solid until the band came into being almost 10yrs after it had  been  the brainchild of J.B.

This band is sure to have something for everyone. Some call it metal. Others say Rock, Hard Rock, or "Nu-Metal". The band feels while it may have "METAL" roots being a band that is pigeon-holed into a genre or subgenre isn't what it is. Wherever the songs take them is what will be pumped out by 30 DoP. Be on the lookout for good things to come from this band.

The band will begin recording the material for "Out of the asylum" soon. Hopefully a Spring/Summer 2021 release will be possible. The single "Agony" was released on 10/31/18 via Soundcloud & a second single "Don't Say Goodbye" was released 07/21/20 to ALL the major music outlets via Rattleclack Entertainment with the EP to follow. The band is also affiliated with Dead Sea Records (Pennsylvania)

The band has put out 6 singles that pre-date the upcoming release:

"Somewhat Damaged" -on Reverbnation

*"Under The Gun"-on Sumthin Fierce Compilation

"Day Of Reckoning"-on Reverbnation

"The Madness Within" (LIVE)-on Reverbnation

"Lies"-on Soundcloud

"Don't Say Goodbye" on mutiple platforms & RCE compilation 2020

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"Lies" (Lyric Video)
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